On Gili Meno, I woke up every morning buoyant, ready for fine, sandy beaches with the silhouette of Lombok’s volcanos in the distance.

There is a turtle sanctuary on the island that protects turtle eggs from natural predators before releasing them into the wild. Turtles are often found on the island’s fringe, much to the delight of snorkelers. At low tide on Meno’s shores, you might also find concentrations of plankton that glow when disturbed.

I passed time watching heavy clouds in the distance, making out shapes of dragons blowing fireballs. I remember the sleepy cats escaping the sun in the shade of gazebos. There were children jumping waves with pitchy squeals and in that moment, I believed God created the waves for them to enjoy.

And what I loved best; sloshing about in the sand, letting its fine grains settle into the creases of my body, softly prickling me back into living.